Wrestling With Giants

by Damond Moodie

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Armed with a funky percussive acoustic guitar and a clear, big sky voice over the urban cityscape, this collection of tracks stares down the giant topics that we wrestle with in everyday life.


released July 7, 2011

Damond Moodie (tracks 1 - 13)
Tim Pryde (track 1)
Alexis Harte (track 1, 3, 7, 11, 13)
Jon Evans (track 4)
Maya Carina (track 1, 7, 11, 13)
Arsene Kounde (track 7, 11)
Tara Linda (track 13)

Produced by Damond Moodie & Jon Evans
Engineered & Mixed by Jon Evans
Mastered by John Greenham
CD design, content & layout by Jack Eastgate
Tracks 2 - 5, 8 - 10 & 12 engineered by Jon Evans at San Pablo Recorders (sanpablorecorders.com)

Tracks 1 & 13 engineered by Joe Kay for Got My Groove Productions (gotmygroove.com) at Faultline Studios and Hyde Street Studios

Track 11 engineered by Charlie Wilson at Sonic Zen Records (soniczenrecords.com)

Track 7 was recorded live by Ricardo Alvarez aboard The Barkissimo (barkissimo.com), at the Emeryville Marina on December 17, 2010

Additional Tracking on tracks 1, 3, 5, 11, & 13 engineered by Alexis Harte at Pollen (pollenmusicgroup.com)

All music and lyrics by Damond Moodie BMI 2011, except “All Along the Watchtower” music and lyrics by Bob Dylan. Copyright Bob Dylan, published by Dwarf Music, 100%. SESAC. All rights reserved. Used by permission.



all rights reserved


Damond Moodie Oakland, California

Based in Oakland, CA, Damond Moodie writes, records and performs soulful folk songs for the Bay Area wide. Armed with a funky percussive acoustic guitar and a clear, big sky voice over the urban cityscape, his intention is to sing passionate stories of depth and grace, to you. ... more

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Track Name: Keepin' it Copasetic
I want to make some boogie
Sharp stabs of sound that get your hips on a swivel
Your head bobbing, fingers popping, your stank face on
But I need to talk about how I hurt sometimes
Blues that I try to paint green
so people think I’m cool, like Miles Davis.

And you, you want to smile and celebrate the day,
but the subjects that I speak about make you look away.
I don’t want you to choke on my pain
So I’m keeping it copasetic – just for you
I’m keeping it copasetic

Can’t keep it real
Taught to lockdown my feelings
Beat back the bubbling up of emotion
Overflow with salty tears and skinned knuckles
But I want to project light, recount my blessings
My script optimistic, wrap a smile ‘round you,
play on and keep you feeling good
I hope you feel real good

Who wants to witness a man’s frustration?
And I don’t what to trouble you for some help - nooo
I know you didn’t come ‘round here for me to bring you down
Chorus: X 4
So I’m keepin’ it copasetic - just for you

Maybe in time you won’t feel disdain because I’m being real
But until then I’ll keep my mind on nontoxic ideas

Chorus X 4
Track Name: My Reflection
When you get caught
Finger on the trigger
And on camera
You really make us look bad x2

When you preach
yet practice heresy in your relations
When you predict
The end is near
Exchanging love for false prophesies and fear
You really make us look bad x2

Cause I’m a believer like you
My reflection says we’re similar too
Everyone is watching your choice
It speaks beyond your individual voice
Please don’t make us look bad x2

When you police the world in this way
Laying down the law, no matter what their laws say
You really make us look bad x2

‘Cause I love this flag that I bear
But we ain’t the only flag in this atmosphere
We don’t break we won’t even bend
Polarization just might lead to our end
We really make us look bad x2
Please don’t make us look bad x2
Vamp out (babadadaba babada’s) x 2.5
Track Name: For You... Anything
I would walk through fire
I would stand in the rain
I would beg for mercy
To spare you pain
I would raise you up
As high as the moon
I won’t bring you down
Unless you want to swoon

I would do anything
For you

I would look into the light
And lay down on the tracks
I would stare down thunder
And face lighting’s attack
I would wrestle a giant
High on a mountaintop
Your demons keep on coming
But I would never ever stop


I have dropped my guard
Let you see the cracks
I would pull out my heart
If I thought it’d bring life back to you
Baby, I’m talking for real and forever

For you…anything…for you…anything…for you…anything
Track Name: Forevermore
I lie awake
In the cold moonlit night
Watching your chest rise and fall
Your outline helps me to recall
The first time I laid my eyes on you
Held out your hand in a storm
Shielding my heart’s open wounds
Your love like a tender spring bloom
Now I can’t take my eyes off of you

You and I will be forevermore…forevermore

We share a kiss
In the front seat of my car
The windows fog over from the heat
Promises we knew we couldn’t keep
Just lay back, let me sing to you
Better yet, won’t you come in for just a little while?
I wanna show you, you don’t have to speak
Leavin’ for Chicago next week
So tonight let me hold you

Chorus X 2

Comeback to me…so I’m not… in love with… a memory

Chorus X 3
Come back to me, baby
I need you by my side, girl
I don’t wanna love a memory
I know we can be… I knew we would be… forevermore
Track Name: Temper
Temper your anger
Temperament unsettled
Tenuous connection
Tend to fall into the trap
Tension tightens
Tethers you to your tendencies
Takes you, turns you into
Terrible tragedy

Temper X 3

Temper your temper
Tongue-tied, yet tactile
Tests your testimony
Tumultuous and triumphant
The trappings of testosterone
Tax your tenacity
Teach you to be tough
Turn your tail on tenderness

Temper X 3

Temper temper tested tempted
Temper temper crafted stronger
Temper temper temporary
Temper temper tranquil time

Temper your fury
Tackle your tongue
Truss your lips with twine
Tolerate everyone X 3
Temper X 3
Track Name: This Will Pass
Well, I rarely find the words to write when I’m winning
That is why I write such sad songs
Now my mood has gone from sugar to spinning
When your words take a swing at my heart
Bitter punch goes down strong

I know this will pass X2
Tomorrow will be brighter
And I’ll be laughing in the sun
I know this will pass

Well, I hold a magnifying glass over my thinking
When the spotlight hits the small stuff, an explosion ensues
And pity is a cocktail I’m so tried of drinking
Yet I pour myself a double and chase it with the blues


Why ask why
The blue sky fades to black
The crescent moon will soothe my worried mind
She’ll sing to me, a lullaby, candy sweet
So when I wake
The heartbreak songs will leave my pen alone

Tomorrow will be brighter and I’ll be laughing in the sun
Track Name: Blessed (Live)
Somewhere between the sand and the sea
Sun kissed breath and your sweet company
You realize it’s more than dumb luck
that brought you here

‘cause you are blessed
You know that you are
Lit up like a star
You’ve had a gift and a glow
Since the day of your birth
You’ve been befriended by the universe

Somewhere between the rock and the wall
Cold hard pressure, imminent fall
You get the feeling from deep within
Overcome your fears


Just a child down here on earth
And you’ve seen your share of the worst

Blessed don’t mean you get your way
Every single day now
Situations still arise
To bring down your high
But you don’t live on luck alone – no no no oh oh
Find a way to feed your faith
And fight through the storm

Befriended by the universe
Track Name: Possibilities Multiply
Watchin’ the clock push time, my daily grind
Smirk to a smile, my body unwinds, my time
Possibilities multiply

Kickin’ it on my back porch, study the twilight skyline
Slate gray fading, replaced by neon light
This paints the picture, an easier perspective
My mood lightening, as the sun goes down

This is how I feel on a Friday
After work is done
Possibilities multiply
Expectations at an all-time high
This is how I feel on a Friday
My weekend has begun

The weight of my world rolls off my shoulders
Feel new energy, pump through my veins
My plans and plots, own a piece of the clock
Get focused and put my pastimes in motion


Watchin’ the clock push time, my daily grind
Smirk to a smile, body unwinds, my time
Today regain control, freedom looks like an open road
Behind the brake lights, synchronize my sights
My possibilities multiply x2
Track Name: Never Talk
Half past six watch the sunset it distracts me from the lump inside my throat
Fast Track through the Bay Bridge tollbooth, headed for San Francisco
Volley of words, rapid fire on the phone, then silence
“If you’d like to make a call, please hang up and try again”
I accelerate to make my escape from the freeway

We never talk anymore
Remember when we’d burn the candle down
We never talk anymore

Submerge in cathartic release; from the stage I am authentic
Expose insecurities for perfect strangers – no admission to you
Words leave my mouth uncontested; the audience is listening
Your voice, a contradiction in my head
Drowned out by their whistles and applause
Chorus X2

Your ring ignored, I have no words
Pride casts a shadow ‘pon our resolution
And making love just don’t say what we both need to hear

Quarter to six in the morning, lower deck Bay Bridge - slinking home
The sun smacks my windshield; my song – a tired concession
Tail underneath me, apologies are on the house
Gas tank empty, fuel spent driving ‘round town,
The Mission, the Fillmore, and the Sunset (but there was no sun)
Chorus X4

Remember when…we used to burn... the candle down…
Track Name: Blood Orange Sky
6:00 AM,
Soft drone coming from my radio,
Countless tales of atrocities, 360 degrees,
Will we ever know peace, the fragile air before the sunrise?
Bodies under cover, warm but still, ideal compromise.

Expect the best,
And laugh when the worst arrives
Expect the best
Let the worst see your sunshine smile
Expect the best
And laugh when the worst
Comes up and kiss you on the mouth
And puts you on your back,
While you wait for the sunrise

Blood orange sky
The paranoia swells, as a dollar burns down
Flames gulp the air thieves don’t fight fair
No justice, no peace
Can we get a new deal if the ink ain’t dried before the sunrise?
Wake up in a sweat, shower get set, realistic disguise


But don’t forget to pray X 4

Comes up and punch you in the mouth
While you wait for the sun to rise
Track Name: The Window (Of My Life)
Look in the window of my life
And you will see, what I see
Look in the window of my life
And we will all be free

I’ve got energy to burn, but the rules stop me in my tracks
So many minds dictate my future, but they never ever ask me
Run my hand along the paint chipped hall
And listen to the voices crash
Fold my legs upon the dirty carpet
Dive for cover in the broken glass

Cold so cold
Makes your body shake and shiver
Bare bones brittle ‘til they break
That’s what it feels like to be invisible
Hot so hot
Inject your muse with the magic
Peppered pulsing passion house quake
That’s what it feels like to be alive


Press my palm against the glass, and watch the imprint fade away
So many dreams impaled by the key, which keeps me locked up in this cage
Say a prayer that I can breath fresh air before my life winds up in the trash
Smash the window to escape my prison, trail of blood disappear in the grass

Cold so cold…
Hot so hot…

Chorus X 2
Track Name: Overcast Ohio Sky
Turn the ignition red Ford truck
Burning oil out of town
Interstate 80 runs from sea to shining sea
So I just drive, drive, drive

Faces crowd my rearview mirror
My engine tends to overheat
There is one sweet lady, I’m leanin’ on the gas for
She doesn’t quite know it yet
Nah, she doesn’t quite know it yet

Na na na na na na / Na na na na / Na na na X 2

Trying to out run the overcast Ohio sky
Trying to out run who I used to be
A fresh start, when the clouds part;
don’t plan on using my brakes too much
‘til I get me some sunshine

Downtown San Francisco - swanky skyline
A far cry from my hometown
But what I gain in fashion
I lose in familiarity
Now I’m truly on my own
Yes I’m truly on my own

Na na na na na na / Na na na na / Na na na X 3

Woke up in Oakland after all of these years
That Ford Ranger died long ago
But I never will forget my I-80 trek
And the sunshine that I finally did find
And my bride, she is by my side
And my journey just keeps movin’ on