Fishin' For Words

by Damond Moodie

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Lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, keys, percussion – Damond Moodie
Bass (tracks #1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) – David Miner
Drums tracks #1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) – Ryan Low

Percussion (tracks #1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 ) – Danny Cohen
Electric guitar (tracks #1, 7, 9, 11) – Marcus Rivers
Lead and backing voices (track #2) – Amina
Tap dance percussion (track #2) – Fredrick “Pops” Moodie
Space fiddle (track #3) & Regular fiddle (track #12) – Calvin Murasaki
Keyboards, organ & piano (track #3, 4, 7, & 12 ) – Dan Zemelman
Flute (tracks #4, 5, & 12) – Bo Bixler
Drum programming (track #6) & Electric guitar (track #12) - Scott Llamas
Nylon-stringed guitar & backing vocals (track#10) - Erika Luckett

Engineered & Mixed by Scott Llamas, PopSmear Records San Rafael, CA

Track #2 Engineered & Mixed by Stephen Duffy at Splendid Sounds Oakland, CA

Mastered by Albert Benichou, Emeryville, CA
Photography - Dean Whitbeck
CD design & layout - Mark Welch

All music and lyrics by Damond Moodie copy write 2002. All rights reserved. Used by permission.


released September 19, 2002



all rights reserved


Damond Moodie Oakland, California

Based in Oakland, CA, Damond Moodie writes, records and performs soulful folk songs for the Bay Area wide. Armed with a funky percussive acoustic guitar and a clear, big sky voice over the urban cityscape, his intention is to sing passionate stories of depth and grace, to you. ... more

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Track Name: Fishin' For Words
Connection – linked through the eyes
Uncanny – one of a kind
Inspiring – truly I’m blessed
Sometimes what flows internally you can’t explain
Casting – into a stream
Conscious – more than you believe
Searching – for sounds to soothe
The warmth from your horizon it welcomes me

fishin’, fishin’
For the words
To tell you

Completely – you’re in my hair
Love, love, love – a cynic’s nightmare
Trusting – so eloquently said
I look at you in silence and you understand

To give you
The sovereign message of love
I wanna stimulate your mind, body, your soul
But when I reach down
To the depth of my reality
The words ain’t there

‘cause sometimes, I’m fishin’ for the words

Girl, I wanna decorate my love
With poetry so fair
I wanna show you how I feel
But the words ain’t there
But the words ain’t there
Track Name: Divine
Have you ever had a friend who you love with all your heart?
But every now and then things seem to come apart
Now you don’t want to lose them but you don’t want the blues again
If you’re down with forgiveness make sure it’s not in silence
Stand up and look ‘em in the eye, take the time to tell all the reasons why
‘Cause nobody’s perfect

To forgive is divine
But abuse is a crime
In your heart and in your mind
you can leave it all behind
abuse is a crime
but to forgive is divine

Have you ever had a lover who you’d get down on your knees to please?
But time and time again y’all he makes it hard for you to breathe
Still look for satisfaction but you don’t want to end up in traction
If he puts his hands on you again girl, gon’ have to take some drastic action
Stand up and look ‘em in the eye, take the time to tell all the reasons
why you’ve got to say goodbye
‘Cause nobody’s perfect,


Stand up and look ‘em in the eye
take the time to tell all the reasons they made you wanna cry
‘cause nobody’s perfect
youknownoonewhoisperfect youknownoonewhoisperfect youknownoonewhoisperfect youknownoonewhoisperfect youknownoonewhoisperfect youknownoonewhoisperfect …

Track Name: Orion's Belt
She ain’t from Venus and he ain’t from Mars
But their planets were rivals amongst the milky white stars
They met on a freighter over champagne and potion
His purple skin glistered in her feline eyes

They used to dance at a place in the nebulous
Holding each other close skin to skin – fabulous
Apricot and plumb, glitter and gold
They two became one but their story has been told

Worlds apart, a war raged on
Forbidden fruit is often the sweetest song
Love is truth, shout it out from Mt. Zion
Solar flare in the belt of Orion

She sent a message by lunar satellite
It said, “Won’t you come quickly?” and he knew somthin’ wasn’t right
Her father had forbade her in the name of all orange folk
They would have to jet away or else their love would choke


On a remote crater they decided on a pact
They would install a micro-death chip if they fell under attack
And as they watched the rings of a passing moon
She thought she saw a military ship, well it looked just like a platoon
He tried to outrun them – he did his best
In the end they were in each other’s arms, and
you know the rest
Track Name: Treading Water
is where I spend my days
I swim in the treachery,
smile on my face.
‘Cause the sharks need love,
while they wait to be fed.
When I run out of food,
that’s what I dread.

Treading Water
Their attack is no surprise
and you can not bite back
Treading water
Be calm – don’t splash

Blue space serene
Forever molested
in the riptide culling machine
Now the sharks can’t read
but they don’t care
They know that they’ll graduate
to the place where there’s air

I hope the sea becomes the place for fish to dream
And thirsts are quenched because the answers are all free
I pray that they’re ready
To force our needed change
A brighter light
Un - refracted
Unlimited range
Track Name: Candelabra
Trickle down, rapid cascade
Some friendships burn out
Others fade away
When the drops of wax stain the table’s face
It’s easy to see who will be replaced

Sometimes it hurts when the smoke is all that’s left
Sometimes there’s a smile of relief when the truth is confessed
In the darkness, you’re only a moment away from the light,
Burning light

Blood is thicker, than the wine in the glass
Alcohol’s euphoria, this too shall pass
When morning comes she brings reality
False promises splattered among the lonely


It’s a spiral by design
Pecking order – limited climb
The top stays clean gravity catches the waste
Stifle your scream but make-up
Make up your face

First verse

Track Name: Daily Bread
Satan is alive and well and livin’ on Planet Earth
I can hear him callin’ - sometimes
Like a prostitute, gonna show me what he’s worth
More enticing - all the time
On a crash course for the end
When the Lord will return - my fears
are being overwhelmed while I’m waiting in the wings
I can’t do this alone

That’s why I pray
Everyday and every night
The conversation and the dialogue
With my Lord helps me feel all right

somewhere out there is havin’ a really hard time
chances are we know them
Ears are for listenin’,
hands are for helpin’,
shoulders for cryin’ on
We’ve got to be there for each other - today
Is the perfect day to go out and make your mark
But keep your eyes on the heavens
Devil’s magic will try to distract you with his dog and pony show
But we’ve got to be strong


For comfort, when I’m aching, it puts me back together
When I ‘m hungry it fills me, my daily bread
For strength, for courage, and humility
For wisdom and forgiving
I can feel the love
Can you feel the love?
Track Name: Useless Beauty
He’s got a short-term claim
on the doorway of the travel agency
there’s no traffic after 8pm
And he knows where all the people with change hang out,
even though they try not to notice him
Got no time to look for a paycheck with a W-2,
‘cause the man treats him second class a first class fool

And he looks into my face and he sees himself twenty years ago and the shame from all his tears, fills me with a deep sorrow, deep sorrow

Is this what we have to look forward to?
Brothers who’ve been cheated so long they think that livin is getting ahead
In all my useless beauty, I say a prayer
That God will let their spirits get fed

Got a little love from the suits and old ladies
and the phone coin return
Spent it on a 40 oz. and some chips,
his mind seems clearer but his stomach burns
Got no time to think about growin old or bein well
keep on hustlin and breathin’ not too long in jail
Keeps on dreamin dreams of a full belly and clean sheets,
keeps his eyes open and roving in these here streets



C’mon, you know He’s gonna let it get done…

You’ve got to believe
Track Name: Cash World
It’s only paper in my hands, but it burns a hole in my pocket
And all around the world people are trying to start a fire
We’re the faces in the factories, and we sacrifice for their bottom line
But all around the world the money makes it worth the while

It’s a necessary evil
but you can never get enough
Cash World is all around us
True enemy of Love

It’s the American Dream,
beaming in through your media-vision
And all around the world
people are trying to impersonate, and replicate, and emulate
Well time can not be bought or bargained with,
but most would trade their health for some wealth
Perfection and principle have no place in business,
yet we all still pay to play


We work for it, we bleed for it, we use it to measure our progress
We lie for it and we die for it, but they don’t care about our nickels in Congress
Well there’s got to be a way for you and me
To unlearn all the teachings of this life

You can not buy your redemption
You can not buy your salvation
You can not worship both your God and your money
You’re gonna hate one or the other
And you certainly can not charge it

Track Name: Eden
Here we are in the garden
You and I committed to the soil
We share the sun, the honor and the glory
And when the rains come, you dry my eyes.

I hear some folks, talkin’ ‘bout freedom
Freedom to walk around this land
While we, still stand, here in this garden
but if you will stay by my side
there is no place I’d rather be.

Simple life, in this garden
God provides, whatever we need
Sometimes we tangle, a symptom of the growth
I would cut back a part of me to make room for you.


We watch the seasons change but we remain
In the arms of the mother everything’s a dream
But something slithered in
to shake the sleep and breath deceit
Now there’s a crack in our soil
Roots exposed, we won’t live if we lie
So we love and we learn and we give it a try
And we try so hard we remember why
How we got here, why we came here
oh I need your love…

Track Name: When I Die
When I die I hope my eyes will close
And the heat from all my sins will go cold
When I die I know my mouth will be wide open
Because it will be familiar unto itself
When I die I hope it’s graceful and clean
A pretty postcard preceding eternity

When I die I hope I’m ready so I can embrace it like a hug from my lover
Opening up my soul, continuing on its pre-planned flight when I die…

When I die I wanna come back as Jackie Chan
and kick a little…with a smile
When I die I hope it will trigger some good
maybe for the soil or environment
Lord please don’t take me in vain
Maybe for change
Not dimes and nickels
But common sense for something good
when I die…

The last thing to grace my sight before I blink into the eternal
I pray it will give comfort to ease the transition
to offer peace in the end,
offering peace in the end,
offering peace in the end

When I die I know my eyes will close
and the heat from all of my sins will go cold
When I die I hope it will trigger some good
maybe for the soil or environment
or for my neighborhood
When I die…
Track Name: Now
When an angel greets you in the morning
It changes the face of your everyday
And all of the struggles that have been on your shoulders
Get lifted up and fade away
There is a light you perceive, upon receiving
This blessing that heaven does gracefully share
The time that is now is so precious
And magic happens everywhere

I look to you
And I can feel you look to me when you’re away
I look to you and see my world unfolding
I look to you

Anticipation to be in your presence
A subtle lift from your velvet wings
You prop me up
when I am falling and you can bring me to my knees
This blows my mind, because we are found
Never thought I’d be part of a pair
The time that is now is so precious
And magic happens everywhere


In a storm you’re by my side
We have the Lord as our guide
On those wings we do fly
We fly as one - you and I

Track Name: Legacy
Woke up in a dream and realized I am more
Than they told me - Kings and Queens
A pride – burning bright as a star
A thousand fire hoses couldn’t wash it away

We belong in the pages of history
We are stronger than anything they do, to put us down

Too many times
I hear the word “can’t” when life gets hard
But Grandma didn’t have a choice
Worked three jobs to give you a voice
So you could go out and do something outstanding
And make a change
It would be a shame to let all that hard work go to waste
No no no no

We belong in the pages of history
We are stronger than anything they do to put us down
We can stand up and take a drink from any cup
Because of our legacy - Our legacy
We will survive and we will thrive
We press on and on and on and on

We have just begun to live the dream
That all who came first fought for
But you can’t sit there and waste your time
We still got a ways to climb
and what we got didn’t get here on it’s own

U know
We belong in the pages of history
We are stronger than anything they do to put us down
We can stand up and take a drink from any cup
Because of our legacy
We make our story